No. 8

It’s been too long! And I need to share all about my pregnancy so far!!.

Just after 5AM (I know, we wake up early) On July 26th I took a test. Since we had been doing fertility stuff, I knew the day I could test… well, I did my business on the stick and waited.

POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!

So, I ran back into our bedroom, flipped the lights on and put the test in my husbands face. He wasn’t thrilled because I had just peed on it BUT after he looked at it…he didn’t mind!!! Aww. Tears. Crying. Shaking. Shocked. Happy. OMG!! We are having a baby. WOW!

We heard our little beans heart beat at 7 weeks and it’s the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. I never had morning sickness, sorry to all those who have. I never had any aversions, not really anyway. No cravings. Nothing. I was just happy. Okay, and a little sassy.

I am 16 weeks now and still feel amazing. We have seen little bean multiple times and everything is perfect. OF COURSE, our baby is perfection. πŸ™‚ Kyle was in awe at the ultrasound. Stood like 2 feet away from the TV on the wall just looking at our baby moving around like crazy. Seriously, the most amazing thing ever. We are in LOVE already.

Some of our family/friends reactions…

My parents…PERFECT! haha I wrote a little poem and gave it to my mom to read. Before she was done my dad was like you’re pregnant!!! They both cried and we all hugged and it was just amazing.

The Riddles…our dear friends. We both consider them family. They had a rough week the week we told them, Heidie had some health scares of her own. BUT we met for dinner later in the week and once we told them she FREAKED! Jumping up and down and yelled in the restaurant WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!!! The whole place clapped and cheered. So awesome.

Kyle’s sister…We just so happened to be going on vacation a week after we found out. We were at the beach and his sister brought her cutie kiddos. I casually said something like “we are having our own in April”. Tears. Hugs. And she can’t help but spoil our baby already and tell me how special little bean is. So. Much. Love.

The Yoakams…who just had a cutie baby girl like a week before we found out our news. I guessed what Erin would say, WORD FOR WORD. I’d repeat it here but its colorful. She cried, probably harder than anyone else that we told and we hugged for a good 3 minutes. Amazing.

Our little bean is so loved by so many people already. We are so blessed. We thank God everyday for this baby and that I get to help him/her grow!!

Just a few more weeks until we find out the gender!! YAY!!!


Little Bean set to arrive April 3rd!!!!

(please note these moccasins, which have been replaced once already because Gaston thought they were a toy….naughty)