The last 11 days have been tough, to say the least, in the Terry family.

June 17th: My father blacked out at the wheel and smashed into a pole going 45mph. The cause of the black out is still up in the air. He broke his lower back (L5 burst fracture). An extremely confusing day for him. He woke up in the hospital scared, worried and not knowing what happened! His spirits were pretty good once he became himself again, he’s usually a pretty happy person.

June 21st: The mass on my fathers pancreas (which was found on a CT scan the day he came into the hospital after the accident) was diagnosed as Pancreatic Cancer. Again his spirits remained good. Assuring me he was okay and told me not to cry. Obviously that didn’t happen, I cried harder than I have cried in a long LONG time.

No one else was involved in the accident, THANK YOU GOD! Things could have been so much worse. I am so thankful he was in his car rather than on his Harley.I saw him probably an hour before the accident. When my mom called me I was in disbelief.

I have a great relationship with my father. Maybe that’s because I was such a wild child in high school, I reminded him of himself at that age. Now that I am an adult, we can look back at high school and laugh and me thankful that I snapped out of it and grew up. My dad is my rock. My hero. My first love. Typical Daddy’s Girl. I LOVE MY DAD! Who wouldn’t?? He’s one of the greatest men who walks this earth. So when I heard my mom say cancer, my heart sank.

Cancer. A nasty 6 letter word isn’t it? We are still in the dark about a lot. We will get more information when the tumor (which is the size of a tennis ball) comes out. For the time being I continue to pray. And I continue to ask the Lord to be my dad’s strength.  And my moms strength.

Today he gets the tumor removed. Its about a 4-6 hour surgery. I am praying it all goes smoothly and we can get some answers about what’s next!





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