No. 3

Hey Guys!!!

It’s been a while since I have been able to post! I have been busy! BUT today I want to share with you what I have done to my house for Spring!!!

I am huge Curb Appeal person. The green grass, our flag flying just right, and the cutest porch decor. I want people to pull up to our house and be like “awww, this is cute”. We haven’t done our yard or planted anything yet but I’ll show you a few things!


THIS. WELCOME. MAT. THOUGH. OH MY GOODNESS!!! How cute???? ugh! I’m obsessed!

image image

I have discovered DECO MESH!! HOLLAAA!! I hear its pretty popular in the south and well I think I was meant for the South! Its too easy and turns out so cute! All the pieces were purchased at Hobby Lobby (go figure) they have a whole section dedicated to THIS! I chose colors that were spring like and I went to town. The next one I make will be my 4th  of July wreath and I will take pictures or make a video (gasp) and post that.


THIS BENCH!!! Thanks to Home Depot and their how-to classes! I made it! With my own two hands! I also have the materials for a second one for the porch topped with planters. I love it because it adds a pop of color and its functional. Andddd I MADE IT!!


The Welcome sign is here all the time but the second hook I put here specifically for season signs. I have a flag for the summer, a pumpkin for fall and a cute Christmas one too. For this time of year, I loved this Easter sign! HE IS RISEN, HE IS RISEN INDEED. I am hosting Easter dinner this year for my family! I can’t wait (watch for the blog on that!)


My amazing, perfect, HOT husband made this coat rack for me! He’s the best! The items above it I just added. I have had a few things above this rack. I have our last name initial ‘D’ all over my house, mostly above my kitchen cabinets. But I love this one here. The bible verse square is from my sister in law and the state of WA I painted and put a little heart over my home town (we still live here and I met my husband here so this city means a lot to me). I like to have a welcoming entry way, and when we first moved in I struggled with it because we have a split level. I decided to look at my entryway as its own room and that has made it easier to decorate, for me at least!

I hope you liked it! I promise it wont take me this long again!






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