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(ME!! Stemless glassware is EVERYTHING and Champagne is always appropriate)

This post is a little late but HAPPY EASTER!


I thought I would share what I did for Easter dinner ๐Ÿ™‚ I hosted my parents and it turned out lovely! Presentation is EVERYTHING even for only 4 people!


This is my table before I set it ๐Ÿ™‚ I have the gold chargers out all the time along with the place mats. I usually don’t have the leaf in the table, but when entertaining…it’s a must! Gold is my accent color in my dinning room and living room! I love gold! I put parchment paper down on the table so I can put our names in our desired spot.


This is my table setting. I folded my napkins all fancy so it was also a holder for my silverware! I love how this turned out and I plan on using this for Christmas dinner too when I host both my in-laws AND my side of the family!! (which I am totally fine with because I love Christmas so so SO much, can’t wait to blog about that)




Mama Di’s Cheesy Potato Recipe

1 package O’Brien potatoes

1 stick butter

16 oz sour cream

2 cups cheese

1 small onion diced

1 can cream of chicken soup

Garlic powder, salt and pepper

9×13 pan 375′ 45 minutes

Told you there weren’t healthy.


I kept it really simple. Ham, green beans with bacon and my mom’s cheesy potatoes (that are super not healthy, but super delicious)


I didn’t take a picture of my homemade Crumble Apple Pie so you’re gonna have to trust me that it’s AMAZing! My sweet mother brought homemade cupcakes WITH sprinkles.

Short & Sweet..



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Hey All!

To start off, this post will be different than my last couple posts and different than any future post. I guess there is no other way but to dive right into it.

My husband and I have been trying to start a family since July of last year. Since I got off BC, I have not cycled on my own. We went to see my doctor and she referred us to a fertility specialist.

A fertility specialist? Really? But we’ve only been trying for 6 months! I was instantly worried (im a worry wart) Anywayyyyy we meet with the fertility specialist, get the basic tests out of the way, Blood draws, ultrasounds, my husband gets tested, a 13 page packet of our family history. The Works!

Tests came back. My husband is perfect (but I already knew that). Mine were different.ย  I was diagnosed with PCOS. On top of acne (AWESOME), stomach weight gain (which is the best kind, am I right?) women with PCOS don’t ovulate naturally.This was a relief to hear.Our fertility specialist gave us options and we are pleased with the options. He has no doubt that we will conceive and start a family. We just need a little help! BUT before we can do that, I had to do one last test.

Turns outs, my uterus has some scar tissue. Which means I will need surgery to remove it. SCARY! And moves out our ovulation medication start date.(I cried)ย  My doctor gave me the option to have surgery or not.If I don’t however, my chances for miscarriage is higher. So obviously, we have decided to get the surgery. It’s a quick easy surgery and then we can try our ovulation medication a few weeks after. Prayers that everything goes wonderfully.

This whole process has been the most emotional thing I have ever had to deal with. I feel like a different person. My mom had zero issue getting pregnant! Why is this happening to me? Can we have kids? Is it me?ย  Is it you? My emotions are all over the place. And it seems everyone around me is getting pregnant. Which usually wouldn’t bother me at all, but it makes me cry. Not happy tears. Jealous tears. And I know that is terrible and I shouldn’t be jealous of anyone, but these emotions are just INSANE. (side note, I am extremely happy for anyone who gets pregnant, just forgive me if I don’t want to jump up and down with excitement for you okay?) And the “relax, it will happen soon” QUIT SAYING THAT TO PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING!! No one likes it!! And as you can see, relaxing wont do anything for me! (ha-ha see, emotional wreck)

I have started a baby journal, everything that we experience I have put into this little black journal that I plan on giving to our future child when he/she starts a family. It feels good to put it on paper and leave my emotions in the journal and try to focus on the positive. Either way, my husband and I will be OKAY. We have a plan in place. Just have to give it some time.


We love you future baby.



No. 3

Hey Guys!!!

It’s been a while since I have been able to post! I have been busy! BUT today I want to share with you what I have done to my house for Spring!!!

I am huge Curb Appeal person. The green grass, our flag flying just right, and the cutest porch decor. I want people to pull up to our house and be like “awww, this is cute”. We haven’t done our yard or planted anything yet but I’ll show you a few things!


THIS. WELCOME. MAT. THOUGH. OH MY GOODNESS!!! How cute???? ugh! I’m obsessed!

imageย image

I have discovered DECO MESH!! HOLLAAA!! I hear its pretty popular in the south and well I think I was meant for the South! Its too easy and turns out so cute! All the pieces were purchased at Hobby Lobby (go figure) they have a whole section dedicated to THIS! I chose colors that were spring like and I went to town. The next one I make will be my 4thย  of July wreath and I will take pictures or make a video (gasp) and post that.


THIS BENCH!!! Thanks to Home Depot and their how-to classes! I made it! With my own two hands! I also have the materials for a second one for the porch topped with planters. I love it because it adds a pop of color and its functional. Andddd I MADE IT!!


The Welcome sign is here all the time but the second hook I put here specifically for season signs. I have a flag for the summer, a pumpkin for fall and a cute Christmas one too. For this time of year, I loved this Easter sign! HE IS RISEN, HE IS RISEN INDEED. I am hosting Easter dinner this year for my family! I can’t wait (watch for the blog on that!)


My amazing, perfect, HOT husband made this coat rack for me! He’s the best! The items above it I just added. I have had a few things above this rack. I have our last name initial ‘D’ all over my house, mostly above my kitchen cabinets. But I love this one here. The bible verse square is from my sister in law and the state of WA I painted and put a little heart over my home town (we still live here and I met my husband here so this city means a lot to me). I like to have a welcoming entry way, and when we first moved in I struggled with it because we have a split level. I decided to look at my entryway as its own room and that has made it easier to decorate, for me at least!

I hope you liked it! I promise it wont take me this long again!