No. 2

Hey Guys!!!!

Today I am going to show you my guest room! My Momma-In-Law is coming to spend a long weekend with me since my husband is out of town (boo)!  I changed it up a bit since she is coming solo! Hollaa!! Ladies weeknd!!!

I wanted to make the room feel as comfortable and as homey as possible. I have added more blankets to the bed, more pillows, candles and a fun welcome basket with some goodies!


Putting the bed against the wall is not the most convenient when you have a couple staying with you. Someone has to sleep right next to the wall and that is just weird. BUT since she is coming alone I tried it out. Our house is a new build, so we have smaller rooms. Putting the bed against the wall gave it a bigger feel (IMO). I love having a quilt on the guest bed instead of a comforter because it’s way easier to care for! So if Mr. Gaston jumps on the bed I can toss it in the washer rather than getting it dry cleaned!


This little end table is new! (thanks Hobby Lobby) I liked it because it isn’t too matchy matchy AND its a good size for a bottle of water and our guests cell phone at night. Because who doesn’t sleep with their phone right by their head am I right???? I have added small mason jars with mini candles as well. I want to get slightly larger mini candles but my MIL bought me these so they need to be on display when she comes!!


The empty frames are just magic. I love them. I wish I could have them everywhere in my house but my husband thinks its weird because they’re empty. Men! This chalk board was actually a gift from my best friend, she wrote a quote on there for our wedding instead of getting us a card. How genius is that?? A nice quote on the wall, or in a hand written card, could make your guest feel that much more welcomed!


Old school laundry bin. This was actually my parents and I stole it (technically I asked and my daddy brought it over but that isn’t dramatic) when I moved in with my husband! It’s one of my favorite things we have in the house actually. I love furniture with history and a story!


And finally, the Welcome Basket. This is also something new that I am doing for my Mother-In-Law. I always buy them stuff they normally eat for breakfast and water bottles because they like water bottles. We drink tap water….but to each their own. ANYWAY. I wanted something in the room with goodies! Found this gem at none other than Hobby Lobby. You’ll realize that I shop there OFTEN. I thought it was just the cutest and I can also move it around my house and re purpose it 🙂

I know she will love it and I hope you guys did too!




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