No. 1

I thought I’d share the reason I picked this unique name for my blog.  My husband, Kyle, and I were looking at getting a puppy and I was telling my dad the type of puppy we were getting. Now, just so you can get a good image of my Father. He is this Harley Davidson riding, tattoos down both arms BIG teddy bear of a man with a heart of gold. (can you tell I’m a daddy’s girl?) I told him we had decided on a Catahoula Leopard Dog. And his response?? “A Honolulu Pepper Dog????” So that’s it! It was probably funnier in person and I think my dad is hilarious but whatevs! It’s cute. I like it. So lets roll with it.

This is a place where I can share cool ideas, stories (maybe some online diary stuff but nothing TOO deep), crafts and of course pictures of said Catahoula Leopard Dog! I hope you keep coming back! Xo


Mr. Gaston.

He will be a regular on here I’m positive!



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